Chairperson’s Comments

Welcome to the first of what I hope is the beginning of a monthly column from your Chairman of the Board of Directors. A column that hopes to keep you informed of the things that are happening at our Credit Union. I also hope this becomes a two way street between the Board and the membership.

Let me start on a positive note! In surveys conducted by various groups concerning the Trust and Service of banks and Credit Unions, Credit Unions win.

Things are “a changing” in our world and the CU is changing too. Some might see this as a negative but I believe for the most part it is a positive. We are no longer the “Mom and Pop” version of the 1935 beginning of our CU. We have increased our services to stay relevant in today’s financial world. One of the few things that have not changed is our courteous and knowledgeable staff and the excellent service they give to our customers.

One of the many changes we will discuss in an upcoming column is the use of “smart phones” in our business.

I would like to introduce you to a change coming to your CU issued credit and debit cards. You might have read about a small chip that is going to be built into your new card. This increases the level of protection for the card user. It has been used in Europe for a few years and has been quite successful at reducing fraud

For our members who have either a MCFCU VISA or debit card, you will soon receive a new card with a built-in chip. This chip will make your card more secure than ever. Using your new card will be a little different than in the past. If the store where you are using your card has a chip card-enabled reader, you will insert your card into the reader. The reader will keep your card safely inside until you have finished your transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the machine will eject your card, don’t forget to take it with you! With your new card, you will want to remember your PIN because the card reader may ask you for your PIN during your transaction. Make sure that you DO NOT store your PIN with your card or keep it in your wallet.

There are many things of interest we can and will discuss in future columns. If you have a particular topic you would like addressed in a future column please contact myself or any other Board member.

Also if you have a question or concern about your CU account or your CU in general, please let us know.

You can reach us at 765.644.3623, or on our Facebook page

Thanks for reading this column,