Don’t become a victim

What is the risk of giving someone access to my online banking?

Don’t fall victim to scams. Never give out your online banking user ID, password and answers to your security questions to anyone for any reason. Scammers will try to get your credentials so they can deposit a check into your account. Don’t fall for it. Always keep your user ID, password and answers to your security questions secret!

NEVER share your online banking user ID, password or answers to security questions with anyone. Madison County Federal Credit Union will never ask you for any of them.

If you share your login credentials, you are authorizing another person to access ALL the money in your account. This could allow fraudsters to steal all your money from your account, cause you to become a victim of identity theft or worst of all they could use your account to launder money or commit crimes against other victims. And unfortunately, because you authorized it, you would be liable for the financial impacts.

Fraudsters often ask victims for login information so they can deposit a check (or checks) into a victim’s account. They might say the money is free, a loan, part of a business proposition or even to help rebuild your credit. While the check is being processed, the fraudster convinces the victim to send them part or all the money. The crook could also transfer all the victim’s money out of their account. When the check comes back as fraud (which could take several days or even weeks), the victim is responsible for the spent funds, which could cause them to overdraw their account.

If you have given someone access to your online banking account, call us immediately at 765-644-3623 so we can help you protect your information and your money. If someone asks for your username, password and answers to your security questions, stop communicating with them and report it to us immediately. Even if nothing has happened to your account. We can stop them from accessing your account and we will help you change your credentials.

Please remember, anyone you meet online who wants user ID’s, passwords and answers to security questions to deposit a check is trying to scam you. There is no legitimate reason anyone except you should ever have your online banking username, password or answers to your security questions, for any purpose at all, ever. This includes MCFCU, your friends, your relatives, your employer and especially random strangers you met online.

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