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Credit Union Membership Is Worth Hundreds

Did you know you’re saving money–maybe hundreds of dollars a year–just by being a Madison County Federal Credit Union member? Credit unions typically charge fewer and lower fees than other financial institutions, according to the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) latest membership benefits report.

Of course, the amount you save has a lot to do with your financial habits and the number of MCFCU products and services you use. On average, credit union member households in the U.S. save about $140 a year.

Free Up Cash in 30 days

If you have a tight budget, the thought of finding any extra money can seem unrealistic. But with a few minor tweaks, it might be easier than you think to curb spending, according to USA Today.

Scrutinize your spending patterns and obligations and you might find simple ways to cut down on debt and actually save money in the long run:

Limited Time Home Equity Special

home equity in branch poster

We’re introducing a new limited-time NO CLOSING COST Home Equity Loan Special. The special features a 10-year term and rates as low as 5.85% APR*. This is a great opportunity to do that remodel you’ve been dreaming of, pay for college tuition or finance other large expenses.

Interested in finding out more? Give one of our loan specialists a call today!
*Terms and conditions apply. Limited time offer. Rate based on credit worthiness.


Do you spend part of the year at another address? Are you one of the lucky people who spend the winter months in Florida? If you are, please let us know when you will be away and where you will be staying and we will update our records with your snowbird schedule. That way your MCFCU mail will follow you when you fly south for the winter and will automatically change again when you migrate north in the spring! Yet another way we can enhance your MCFCU experience!

membership eligibility…

Membership in Madison County Federal Credit Union is now easier than ever! If you live, work, attend school, worship, or volunteer in Madison County you meet our new eligibility requirements. Our new, less restrictive Field of Membership allows us to offer the benefits of credit union membership to all of our friends and neighbors in Madison County