ANNOUNCING MCFCU’s NEW Online Financial Wellness Center

We know that navigating your finances can be challenging, and we are committed to providing you with resources to help manage your financial future. That’s why we are thrilled to offer you a new financial education program called the MCFCU Financial Wellness Center. 

It is a free online, self-paced series of interactive modules that cover key financial concepts such as saving, investing, credit scores, mortgages, and identity protection. These short, interactive learning experiences will help prepare you with the skills to manage your finances and plan for the future! Many modules also feature Action Plans with budgeting and planning tools to reinforce positive behavior and help you take positive steps toward better financial health.

Throughout the year we’ll be highlighting a variety of these learning modules to give you the opportunity to learn more about managing your money. The learning experience was specifically designed for your busy lifestyle. It is mobile and tablet accessible, available in both English and Spanish, and each module is only 2 -7 minutes in length.

Simply register or log in to get started today!

To Pay Down Debt, First You Have to Save

When you want to pay off debt fast, that impulse often means depleting your savings. So how do you pay off debt AND save money?

Mathematically, based on the interest rates of your loans versus your savings account (or other savings products), your debt is likely costing you more money every month than your savings is earning you. Thus, looking simply at the highest net impact of your dollar, it would make sense to use extra income to pay off debt rather than save the money.

But this strategy usually results in more debt. Crazy, right? But think about it. If you’re taking all your spare dollars and diverting them to your credit card or other loans, completely neglecting your savings account, what will you do when an emergency comes along, things like car repairs, vet bills, etc.?

Life happens, and since you don’t have a savings account, you’ll probably have to slap these expenses onto your credit card. You know, the one you’ve been working so hard to pay off?

Here’s how to get out of this cycle.

We’re Hiring! Part time tellers

Join our family! Madison County Federal Credit Union is currently seeking a part time teller stationed at our Elwood office and a part time travel teller.

The successful candidate will have a winning attitude along with a willingness to serve our members in a friendly, professional manner.


membership eligibility…

Membership in Madison County Federal Credit Union is now easier than ever! If you live, work, attend school, worship, or volunteer in Madison County you meet our new eligibility requirements. Our new, less restrictive Field of Membership allows us to offer the benefits of credit union membership to all of our friends and neighbors in Madison County