MobiMoney FAQ


MobiMoney is a Debit or Credit Card Mobile App
Card Controls – Card on/off, Location-based, Transaction-type, Merchant-type, Threshold-based
Card Alerting – Card Status, Location-based, Transaction-type, Merchant-type, Threshold-based
• Mobile Banking includes: Account Balance, Transaction History, Intra Bank Transfers for debit only
Any Android device using 4.1 OS or newer or any Apple devices using and Apple iOS 8.x or newer will be supported.
To enroll simply download the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and enter your cardholder information when prompted.
Yes, the MobiMoney app starts working after successfully registering your card.
MobiMoney enables the members to set controls and alerts to limit fraud. These are set, and can vary, for each card registered and can be changed under the “Control Preferences” and “Alert Preferences” tab.
Card On/Off allows the cardholder to quickly disable or enable the card as a whole. The sub-controls allow the cardholder to set controls based on transactions they don’t often participate in.
The configuration shows the last 50 transactions or the last 3 months of transactions. The balances are obtained in real-time when the request is made.
Under the “Recent Transactions” tab find and tap the transaction you received the push notification. The “Transaction Details” screen will show the pertinent details of the transaction and by tapping on the dollar amount (top right) the screen will show what alert and controls settings would have triggered a notification.

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